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I am a fastidious UX UI Designer from New York City. I was that 10 year old kid coding custom backgrounds for my uncles and older kids in my neighborhood. When I was 19 I became a Stylist who grew into Creative Direction and on the side did graphics and built websites. Through networking and my knack for getting things done I transitioned I made many pivots seeking an industry that I belonged within, It took peers within the UX space to share how perfect this field is for me, while being a GA Apprentice and an Adobe Scholar my love for the industry only grew. I feel my dynamic background only gives me unique perspective as a UX designer.

I am a highly strategic designer due to my background in Fashion PR and Marketing.
I love curating an understanding across all teams, always being sure to advocate for Design and Product Thinking.

I have a background in strategic design, UX design, UI design, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Design Systems. I use these skills to create digital products and experiences that balance business, customer experience/needs and technology requirements to achieve effective and measurable results.

I naturally emphasize with users it’s just who I am at my core, creating ways to help people finally gives me a sense of purpose in my work.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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