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hi, i'm Fatiah


I am a UX Designer based in NYC who has a background in Marketing and Brand Strategy. When I was 19 I became a Fashion Stylist which grew into Creative Direction and on the side I did  websites and graphics for friends and family. 

I have always been someone who has always challenged myself always pushing to know and understand more.

Through networking and my knack for getting things done, I transitioned within my career in search of the right fit.  I made many pivots seeking an industry that I belonged within. At first I thrived as a publicist but that was not enough.  It took peers within the UX space to share how perfect this field is for me, during interesting projects my love for the industry only has grown. I feel my dynamic background only gives me unique perspective and approach as a UX Designer.

I am a highly strategic designer due to my background in Fashion PR and Marketing.
I love curating and understanding across all teams, being sure to advocate for Design,  Product Thinking and always the User. I finally feel my work has true purpose that will impact lives of consumers.

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