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Dedicated is the phrase I would use to describe Fatiah. I had the pleasure of working with her and was particularly impressed with her ability to remain cool under pressure. That is a skill that is highly valuable to any team. She worked extremely hard and when long working days turned into long working nights, she didn’t complain. She was committed to being there for the team and the client. As a team member, Fatiah earns my highest recommendation.

Desirae Hallstrom/ UX Designer

Fatiah is an absolute gem to work with! From her knowledge of Figma and all the UX tools to her empathy for the user, she is a fantastic UX Designer and Researcher. She makes the user feel seen, heard, and comfortable. Fatiah is great at UI Design and knows exactly what each design needs to make it shine.

Madeleine White / UX/UI Designer | Product Design | Visual Design | Illustrator

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